Sometimes you may already have a scooter you are working with.  Maybe you are trying to fix up a model that you purchased from a department store ("cheapy scooter")and want to add wheels, change grip tape, grips or even adding taller bars since you've outgrown your bars.  Changing grips, grip tape, and changing bearings can be relatively inexpensive, however, if you're trying to add bars or change a deck, it may not be worth investing in a model that will essentially need to be upgraded piece by piece in the near future.  For example, bars can go from $32 and up and depending on how the deck fits your may not want to upgrade your existing scooter because decks can start at about $80.  Sometimes it's better to leave that guy for a younger brother, sister, cousin, or even a friend if they come over and want to ride.  If the existing model is pretty beat up, you can definitely add grips, grip tape and get it "dialed" (tighten up bolts).  That's usually what we'd recommend on those models.

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