Ethic DTC Erawan V2 Completes


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The Ethic DTC Complete Erawan v2 is the new version of the popular Erawan v1 complete.

This scooter is even lighter and stronger.

One of the main evolution is the IHC compression system. Way easier and faster to build.

It's now available in 2 different sizes: Small (18.9 in deck / 22.4 in bar) and Medium (19.7 in deck / 24.4 in bar) more adapted to each categories of age.

Made for young park riders who want an ultra responsive scooter.

This scooter include all the latest parts from Ethic DTC: Erawan Deck v2 / Dryade Bar v2 / Legion v2 IHC Fork / Incube v2 110mm Wheels / Valkyria clamp / slim grips.