I-Glide - JR Complete Scooter


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A new arrival to the i-Glide brand, the JR complete scooter is the perfect option for entry-level scooter riders looking to jump-start their freestyle scootering journey.

Stunt scooters come in many shapes, sizes, and specifications, and each rider has their own individual preference. Thankfully, the i-Glide JR excels in all areas of build quality. Featuring pro scooter wheels, forks, clamps, pro scooter bars, and a sleek, durable deck, maintenance is seldom required, allowing the rider to get more time doing what's important - riding their trick scooter!

Needless to say, the all-new i-Glide JR complete scooter is difficult to compete with - both in the market, and out at the skatepark!

Main Features:

  • Soft Grips
  • Chromoly Steel Handlebars
  • Triple Clamp
  • Threaded Headset
  • Easy-push Brake
  • Sturdy Steel Forks
  • LED Light-up Wheels (Black/Black variant only)

Technical Specifications:

  • Weight: 2.9kg / 6.9 lbs.
  • Wheels: 100mm x 24mm
  • Overall Height: 787mm / 31â€
  • Deck Width/Length: 101mm x 482mm / 4†x 19â€
  • Foot Space: 342mm / 13.5â€
  • Bar Height/Width: 541mm x 440mm / 21.3†x 17.3â€
  • Compression: Threaded