Affinity XL Classics - Titanium Bars


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Luxury at it's finest!  Affinity titanium bars are type sought after because it is extremely lightweight while retaining strength. It's said that Titanium is as light as aluminum but strong as chromoly. While this statement is close, that's not the case. Titanium is strong so it is able to use thinner wall tubing, so for the same strength, you can use thinner walled tubing. Grade 9 Titanium Alloy

  • .083" Thick Crossbar for Strength
  • Professional TIG Welding with Back Purging
  • Mill Polished Finish
  • Weight: 1lb 13oz at full 24"x 28"
  • Available in both 1 1/4" Standard & 1 3/8" Oversized 
  • No Slit
  • American Made