Havoc Mini Complete Scooter


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The Havoc Pro Mini Scooter is essentially a downscaled version of our Storm pro scooter for all the young children or smaller riders.

All the same quality features are there, Forged steel fork, Aluminum brake, Spoked 110mm spoked wheels, and sealed integrated headset.

Technical Specifications:

  • Bars: 17” x 16.5” (431mm x 419mm)
  • Deck: 15.5” x 4.5” (393mm x 114mm)
  • Brake: Havoc Aluminum Flex Brake
  • Fork: Havoc Forged Steel Fork
  • Headset: Havoc Fully Sealed Integrated Headset
  • Compression: Havoc IHC
  • Clamp: Havoc Double Clamp
  • Wheels: Havoc 110mm 85-88 Pu High rebound rubber
  • Grips: Havoc Grips
  • Total Weight: 6.05 Lbs (2.74Kg)
Oil Slick
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