Book A Lesson with a Pro Scooter Rider

Have you ever wanted to learn to ride like a pro scooter rider?  Now's your chance. Book a Pro Scooter Lesson with one of our local riders and get that dream trick you've always wanted to learn. 

Support your local pro scooter rider by booking a lesson and get some tips and tricks first hand.  

Nolan Shoemaker is a local Chino Hills, California rider who has been riding scooters for 12 year.  He has been consistently riding as a Pro Scooter Rider and travels across the globe.  He recently traveled to Barcelona, Spain and competed at Extreme Barcelona / Urban World Series.  Check out his BLOG for more info.

Nolan is currently sponsored by big brands such as Lucky Pro Scooters, River Wheel Co., Affinity, Northern Limited and The Shop Pro Scooter Lab (TSP Crew)